think different

Inspiration can be found virtually everywhere if one is open enough to think different. The etymology of the slogan, think different, was created by Apple as a marketing campaign. Highlighting historical figures that pushed against the status quo, Apple was able to place themselves amongst the pantheon of cultural icons that helped change the world.  

As a teenager, I saw Apple as a company that I wanted to emulate, not through coding or design, but through innovation by striving to think outside the box. Striving to see what others didn’t. Striving to create art when others saw trash. 

Taking the road less traveled, to be honest, can be lonely and frustrating. The story I sometimes tell myself is that "thinking different" means I am not any good at my art. 

Why? Because the audience is the one who deems what is art and who actually creates it. 

And then I found a kindred spirit, Hélène Binet . Her photography spoke to me and reassured me. It inspired me to look at the subject and find the story from my perspective—something that is a reflection of me that expresses who I am regardless of the audience.  

LACMA—Los Angeles, CA

The Getty Villa—Malibu, CA

Hollywood & Highland—Hollywood, CA

Tongva Park—Santa Monica, CA

abstractJaime Valdovino