the moving image

I fell in love with the moving image as a child. I saw it as an escape from the world of the mundane rigors of school, homework, and bedtimes.

It was everything that my youth wanted to explore. From a man named Indiana, to a story that never ended, each frame acted as a window into a world far far away.

To say that I always wanted to make films though would be a farce. I loved the idea of expression more. Whether it was music, writing, or photography, I saw each medium as a way to channel my internal need to speak through my art.

Though, my need to speak didn’t necessarily mean I needed to be heard. To create was suffice.

In world where the norm is to be known as a multi-hyphenated artist of sorts, my film offering is nothing more than a mode of human expression and an opportunity to escape.

A series of videos accompanying visual artist James McClung's latest exhibit, Low Land, at Preacher Gallery in Austin, TX.

Film photographer Dusty Ferguson in the dark room as he prepares for his show at Preacher Gallery in Austin, TX along side artist James McClung.

Artist Profile on Los Angeles based tattoo artist Jose Menendez.

Jaime Valdovino