Years ago I was chasing the wind. I tried to capture the ethos of the current. The world where crowd sourcing your self esteem created a dopamine surge that made one feel accepted. Double tap here. A filter there. A trendy spot that definitely would have given me curbside appeal on my page.

Regardless of the intentions there was one benefit to the madness. It created opportunities to photograph. And some were good, some were bad, and some looked like everyone else’s captured bliss.

The flip side? Insecurity. Comparison. Jealousy.

Feelings that I can only attribute to myself from experience, not a generalization of others and their feelings.

I was chasing a wind that I couldn’t capture.

I was running next to the Jones’. I was the hare.

May my next forty-years resemble the tortoise—slow with intent of realizing the moment before it’s gone.

Jaime Valdovino