They say that to travel beyond the confines of one's comfortability will lead to growth and wisdom—but only if one seeks out the accepted normal boundaries that society has set. The first question one must ask though is who are “they?” And the next question is even if one goes against the grain, doesn’t growth and wisdom prevail anyways?

For me traveling is my classroom, the unknown is my test, and the memories are my classmates. 

I realize this can only happen if I leave the great indoors and lift my head away from the ethereal cosmos radiating from my phone.   

Because if I do I’ll know what it feels like to connect with a bygone era—man made relics along side natural wonders.  

A state of mind that has no line or flag but whose borders are as open as the space it crosses. 

And growth and wisdom that manifest itself days, weeks, and years down the road leaving me with insight that life is best enjoyed when you are in the process of living it.  

So why not travel to infinity and beyond?

Jaime Valdovino